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Day 5-Service Day

St. Mathew's Ready to Serve!

We woke up bright and early for our Service Day Adventures.  We headed up to meet up with others that would be going with us.  100 of us (2 charter busses) headed for Helms Elementary School

Helms Elementary is an elementary school where half of the students speak Spanish and half of the students speak English.  Then they pair students together so that they can help each other learn.  The classes are instructed in both languages so that students become bilingual as they study.  The parent volunteers and and principal were so thankful for our help too, which was amazing...we were just glad we could help!

Our project was helping by painting their outside phy ed area. Our kids worked together with a group from Jamestown, ND to paint railing and hand rails all along the edges of their play space.  Your Tommie crew worked hard and really got a lot of painting done.  It was awesome for us to be able to use our hands to do God's work.  And we were thankf…

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